Who we are.

A talented and dedicated team of individuals that specialize in delivering highly customized solutions under tight timeframes in a robust and ever changing industry.




SVP Operations

Professional Services

Data Center & Fiber, Managed Networks, Software and Integration, Wireless

Creative Services

Highly artistic and attentive to every detail, this is our design team


The most talented group of individuals capable of handling any development request

Digital Insights

A team dedicated to analyzing data and continually working to improve client campaigns


We create meaningful connections that spark creativity and break down traditional barriers to yield breathtaking results. Taking you to the next level.


Every industry comes with its own challenges, with multiple influencers impacting decisions. Understanding and motivating influencers is our passion.


Custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that work well with any software portfolio to meet specific business requirements.


Our work is rooted in powerful insight; it’s undeniably beautiful and flawlessly executed; and it’s memorable and motivating. It will change the way you think.

How we work.

1 Collaborate
We talk to business leaders and business consumers around the organization to understand what’s driving the business and what’s challenging people. We model early design concepts and iteratively develop ideas into a directional solution.

2 Plan/Design
Our diverse team of business, content, design and architecture consultants work with business and technology stakeholders to complete the design, specify the functional and architectural details, and get ready for the build.

3 Develop
With our highly capable staff we take all the information we have gathered and make your dream a reality. We test and deploy our code using a three stage testing process. This ensures the quality is as expected and the launch is successful.

4 Plan Growth
Using analytical tools and years of experience in evaluating consumer responses to campaigns and mining big data we adjust course as needed to yield the best possible ROI. We work with you every step of the way as you grow your business.

“An insightful digital team with the ability to plan, forecast and manage difficult technology and marketing projects through constant change is only paralleled by their friendly, collaborative and results driven attitude. The teams demeanor and overall approach is rooted in the philosophy that through open communication, clearly defined plans and best in class service you can achieve desired outcomes. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with KaiTech across a wide variety of digital marketing and development projects.”Adam C.